Well-Being Consulting

What is happiness?

Getting what you hope for?

Having your needs met?

Being loved?

Loving others?

Having your health?

Having plenty of energy?

All of the above?

Well-Being is seeking for more than temporary good fortune. Well-Being is holistic happiness that comes from a connection of body, mind and spirit. Interdependence, feeling connection with God, being part of something larger than one person alone are components of holistic happiness.

"Holistic" takes into account that you are a 3-part being. You are not just an employee who must carry out a specific task. A task lists never brought anyone lasting happiness unless on that list the things that matter most were included.

The Path to Well-Being

  • Step 1. Raise Your Self-Awareness
    -enjoy a confidential session.
  • Step 2. Measure Your Well-Being Skills
  • Step 3. Create an Action Plan Together
    -set specific strategies to close the gaps in your skills.
  • Step 4. Practice and Develop
    -refine your efforts with accountability and support from your consultant.
  • Step 5. Prepare to Transition
    -learn how to handle setbacks, when to retest your skills, and how to hold your gains.

Introductory Offer

7 days - $49

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Climb to the Highest Version of You!

Tere Foster,

Well-Being Consultant

Tere 6-5-15--

Well-Being is my passion. I have written courses, developed websites, created music recordings, written cookbooks, and started businesses, but my favorite thing is to work one to one with goal setters who are ready to get to the next phase of their life progression.


  • Life is often an up-hill climb.
  • Before we begin our climb we must know where we are now.
  • Study the 7 Levels of Well-Being to find your level at the present moment.


  • Second, before we can begin a journey we must know where we are going.
  • Well-Being practices eliminate pain in body, mind and spirit.


  • As we decide what to take with us on the climb, we also must decide what to leave behind.
  • We begin to lift the burdens that weigh us down and let go of them.
  • The more weight we let go of the faster can climb!

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