Well-Being Training

Host a Variety of Gathering Styles

Each one offers a unique opportunity for serving others.

Which of the gathering examples below are you more attracted to? 

Co-op Collaboration


Well-Being Workshops


Well-Being Events

Systems Planning

Global Projects

Team Sports

Group Exercise


Fine Arts Classes

Kids Classes

Senior Activities

Community Gardens

The differences between them are:

1- the number of people involved in the project,

2- the number of people the project plans to serve and

3- the type of service provided.

The topics for each gathering will support one of the seven elements of well-being.




Our training will start with body, mind and spirit and build out from their.

Physical Well-Being

Physical Well-Being, natural health and wellness, is a result of conscious self-care.  Learn the ins and outs of the bodily systems and how to make them work for you instead of against you.  Say no to medications until you have first exhausted every natural path available.  Avoid the addictions and side effects that follow pharmeceuticals.


Career Well-Being

Career Well-Being has nothing to do with money.  It is that satisfaction that your gifts are recognized, valued and used to the fullest extent possible.  Find your passion.  Find your life purpose.  Never place yourself in a situation where your journey is blocked or stifled by a negative environment that forces upon you roles that are not natural to you.


Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Well-Being is the art of mastering your emotions until you feel strong and powerful in your own circumstance.  The training will help you to let everyone and everything go to focus on the real solutions in your life.  It all starts deep within you.  No one else holds the key.  The voices in your head can lead to something positive.


Financial Well-Being

Financial Well-Being starts by meeting our basic needs. Survival or "survival of the fittest" is a notion that no longer serves us well.  In this training you will learn how a team of ordinary human beings can do something extrodinary when they join in positive unity.  Instead of crushing the competition they work together for the common good.


Social Well-Being

Social Well-Being begins in the nucleus of the family and builds out from there.  Is the social structure of today's society leading to social well-being?  Not according to the millions of people who were polled.  Doctors tell us that the number one reason for visits to the physician is loneliness in a crowd.  We must learn the secrets of connection.


Community Well-Being

Community Well-Being is the personal responsibility we feel and the part we play in caring for Mother Earth.  She provides all we need.  We must protect her and work together to fully utilize the resources we have been given.  We must be a sharing community that refuses to fight over the plentiful resources, but rather disperse them.


Global Well-Being

Global Well-Being comes from the sense that we are doing all we can to make the world a better place.  It's not enough anymore just to take what we can get and leave the rest to fend for themselves.  The internet and modern technology has made it more than possible to put an end to hunger and poverty once and for all humanity.


Training Package:

8 Weeks - $444

Financial Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Career Well-Being
Emotional Well-Being
Social Well-Being
Community Well-Being
Global Well-Being

Get started today!

Learn at your own pace.

Complete one element at a time

or many formats at once.

The mission of this training is to teach leaders how to systematically elevate themselves and others to their highest level of well-being, living and working together at the highest level of unity, until the highest possible ideals are achieved.


When you complete the training

you can start a "well-being hub"

in your local area:

teach classes,

offer workshops,

host think tanks,

share videos,

and more.