The Well-Being Handbook

Featuring the 7 Elements of Well-Being

by Teré Foster

The information on this website is contained in this exciting handbook that teaches leaders how to systematically elevate themselves and others to their highest level of well-being, living and working together at the highest level of unity, until the highest possible ideals are achieved.

We call it a handbook because it is full of worksheets to facilitate personal well-being or to use as teaching materials in a classroom setting.

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We all want to improve our lives and are quick to buy into programs that promise to help us make money, lose weight, or strengthen our relationships, however these critical areas in our lives are interconnected and must be pursued with a holistic approach.

For holistic health and happiness you must take into consideration that you are a 3-part being, body, mind and spirit. For this reason this program targets all of these crucial elements of well-being. When we foster well-being it means we want more than just fitness. We want positive energy. We want a firm understanding of the "mind" and our reasons for doing what we do. We want to gain access to the "spirit" that through meditation is a conduit to the infinite intelligence of the Creator that will help us climb up the Energy Scale.

Building upon this foundation of body, mind and spirit we expand our well-being to include the well-being of others, starting with our families, the community and all humanity.

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