Power of Meditaton


What is happiness?

Getting what you hope for?

Having your needs met?

Being loved?

Loving others?

Having your health?

Having plenty of energy?

All of the above?


Holistic happiness is seeking for more than temporary good fortune.  Holistic happiness comes from a connection of body, mind and spirit. Interdependence, feeling connection with God, being part of something larger than one person alone are components of holistic happiness.

"Holistic" takes into account that you are a 3-part being. You are not just an employee who must carry out a specific task. A task lists never brought anyone lasting happiness unless on that list the things that matter most were included.


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Taking into consideration that you are a 3-part being, body, mind and spirit, as such careful time and concern must be given to each.  For this reason we offer programs that target all of these crucial components.  Combining healthy meals with planned exercise and social interaction is an example of how we target more than one aspect of health to build holistic happiness in body, mind and spirit.

This three dimensional approach is found at 3DHealth.Net. We emphasize that we are a three-part being with more health needs than just diet and exercise to achieve holistic health and happiness.  We also include a firm understanding that we can reach out to a higher power at any time for the additional support and strength we need to face day to day challenges.

Health and Well-Being

What brings holistic happiness?

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