"The Nest"

the nest

Your Home is "The Nest"
of the World's Future

To change the world we must start with those closest to us.

Every individual is born into a family.  It is an instinctive desire of the human psyche to be part of a family, a drive that can’t be satisfied by anything else.  The parents that bring us into the world are special to us and are connected to us in ways we can’t understand.  Even parents who don’t seem to deserve love will strangely hold a very vulnerable place in their child’s heart.

Negative Patterns

Have you ever noticed that there are no parenting classes required until parents have already split up and are seeking a custody agreement.  By that time the damage has already been done as the child has experienced every painful minute of their parent's power struggles.



Statistically, many troubled homes are made up of people who came from troubled homes.

Generation after generation we continue negative patterns.

Connection and communication is essential for maintaining healthy relationships and healing broken relationships. We must have open, honest expression of our wants, desires and needs if we want our relationships to succeed. harness your emotions to bring about fantastic outcomes in your family and the world around you. This is an important skill we must have if we hope to experience true and lasting well-being.

Generational thinking patterns can interfere with a child’s training. To make real changes in the future of planet Earth we must evaluate our plan for training the rising generation.  What are we teaching through our actions?  What are we imparting to them through our words?

Are we aware that actions speak much louder than our words?

Are we teaching them that all beings are worthy of dignity and respect?

Are we teaching them how to hear and follow their own conscience?

Are we teaching them that they are free to think and believe according to the dictates of their own conscience?


Common Meals

family 1

Save the world!
Cook dinner tonight.

Your child may be:

35% less likely to engage in disordered eating
24% more likely to eat healthier foods and
12% less likely to be overweight


Can it really be that simple?

Yes it can!

Experts in health and psychology agree that having a common meal each day is crucial to health and well-being. It increases the possibility of eating the healthy foods that maintain physical health as well as the likelihood of vital conversations that maintain family relationships.

Because mealtime is so important to health and well-being, we put our hearts and minds into creating a meal plan that covers all bases.  We call it


This plan was designed to help families get back around the table with healthy meals that everyone will love.


The Tribe

It is an important part of identity and self discovery to know where you came from.

Mom and Pop Businesses

Mom and Pop Businesses Can Change the World!

When “mom and pop” businesses were overrun by corporations, the "owner / producer" was forced to relinquish the family business and instead play the role of the “employee / consumer.”  In so doing, the family unit was geographically divided from their loved ones during the best hours of every day and the best years of every life to become “the workforce.”  We have no family business empire to hand down to the next generation, but they instead are taught to educate and prepare themselves to enter "the workforce."  Each rising generation is forced to start from scratch. The strain on the young family is more than most can navigate, resulting in a 50% cycle of divorce and emotional devastation.

If families are the building blocks of a nation, then the fastest way to bring down a nation is to divide and separate the family from morning until night with worthy programs that compete for their undivided attention.  If home is where the heart is, the best way to break a heart is to make sure no one is home.

Part of Family Well-Being is having a common goal or vision to work on as a family.  A Mom and Pop Business provides the glue to hold the family together. The best way to create a business is to find a way to serve others.

To assist with the development of Mom and Pop Business ideas we help families look at the seven elements of well-being and ask them which they would most like to help OTHERS achieve.

We ask them to consider the age group that interests them most when they imagine helping others.

We ask them to consider what kind of interaction gets them motivated, small group, large group, one-to-one, collaborations, think tanks, or retreats.

We ask them to narrow down their own gifts and talents and the kinds of activities that motivate them most. This will help them to map out the perfect business and the perfect role within that business for each member of the family.

When they complete this process to discover their life purpose as individuals, we then can begin to imagine how they fit together as a whole to create a Mom and Pop business that will be successful and fulfilling for everyone involved.


How does family impact your well-being today?

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