Family Well-Being

"The Nest"

the nest

We must reach out to the Source for the nourishment we need.  The Source that will never run out.  The Source of nourishment for health and well-being is not your spouse, your parents or your children.  

Your Home is "The Nest" of the Future 

Parenting Classes

There are no parenting classes required until parents have already split up and are seeking a custody agreement.  By that time the damage has already been done as the child has experienced every painful minute of their parent's power struggles. 



Negative Patterns


Statistically, many troubled homes are made up of people who came from troubled homes.

Generation after generation we stay below zero.

Who will be the one who climbs up to make a difference in their own homes?

Who will understand that their homes are "the nest" of the future?

The Solution

family 1

Save the world!  
Cook dinner tonight.

Can it really be that simple?  Yes it can!  

Studies show that when families share a common meal children are less likely to have eating disorders and are more likely to do well in life.  

Common Meals will impact far more than the physical health of your family, but emotional and spiritual health as well.

When a family is breaking apart, keeping it together seems beyond our reach. But if we focus on one small task like cooking a healthy meal and getting everyone to sit down together it is within our power to make a difference.


For this reason, one of the programs designed to help you climb up Well-Being Rocks is about making dinner.  

How did your childhood impact your well-being today?

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