The Energy Scale

Beginning to connect... 

body, mind and spirit.

Starting to realize...

that your heart is leading your brain.

Making the climb...

to higher levels of awareness.

Understanding the difference between power and force.


About the Well-Being Worksheet

The Energy Scale measures the power of emotions.

It is divided into four quarters : 

POWER - elevating the well-being of others

WELL-BEING - elevating to higher personal energy

PAIN - emotional pain and suffering

FORCE - "my needs first!"

  • You have heard the phrases "good vibes" or "bad vibes"?

  • Others can feel your "vibes" or energy frequencies.

  • You are effecting the world around you.

  • The higher your energy the greater your well-being.

  • The lower your energy the more suffering you will endure (and cause.)

  • The Scale helps to strengthen your commitment to direct your focus higher.

  • Elevate your focus during stress and keep it elevated throughout the day.

  • Use the scale as a visual reminder.

  • Simply focus on the higher elements of the scale.

  • Anything below zero will weaken your muscles and your immune system and will drain the people around you.

♥ Our first goal for using this the scale is to elevate our own energy above "survival."

♥ The second goal is to help others do the same.

♥ We can do both at the same time by directing the focus up the scale. 

♥ Together we can lift the energy of the world!


Print the Energy Scale above: 

  • Click on the Energy Scale to print several copies
  • Print in color to post on your wall or give to friends
  • Post them wherever you spend a lot of your time.
  • Give them to friends and family.
  • Print one copy in black and white to use for the exercises

Print the instructions below:

  • Click on the instructions to print a copy.