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Arcology 777:  

Cooperation, not competition.

“Working together for the common good” we can change the global economy, by creating not-for-profit, decentralized arcologies, each with their own self-sustaining, self-replicating economy.

The Arcology 777 plan starts with the smallest number of people possible to create an abundant thriving economy. One hundred multi-generational families is our cosen starting place. We then build an arcology that is both a habitat and a workplace owned and operated by those who live there.  A successful arcology will be self-sustaining and self-replicating, whether it be in affluent suburbs, the poorest places in the world or colonizing mars.

We don’t need to overthrow the “powers that be.” We simply need to turn back to the generosity of Mother Earth and meet our own needs by working the ground together for the common good. Each arcology will contribute to the local economy in many ways by eliminating the need for government assistance programs for those who live in the arcology.  Social security, welfare, health insurance, and unemployment will be eliminated and replaced with a small, thriving gift economy.  The government can assist by donating land or existing buildings, granting money or cancelling debt for those who are willing to participate.

Investors can set the plan into motion by offering land, materials, capital, expertise, or sweat equity. Anyone who contributes will be encouraged to live in an arcology with us. If by chance there are millionaires or billionaires who have an expanded consciousness and seek to join the arcology, they would bring what they have to the table, in this case it is money, and create a Contribution Proposal like everyone in the arcology’s gift economy.  They would soon realize that Plan 777 will bring them a return on investment far beyond financial reward, but a compensation package of love and support promised to everyone in the arcology, and the opportunity to help replicate arcologies of well-being around the world.

Each Arcology of Well-Being will allow the chance to design and re-design the economy, the architecture, the health care system, the education system and the types of businesses that will be offered there, based upon those who will be living in the arcology and what they offer in their Contribution Agreement.

No two arcologies will look alike, however the focus on greater well-being will remain constant.  The seven elements of well-being will always be supported and the core values and global concerns will always align, creating a culture of well-being for those who choose to be involved with Arcology 777.

It is important for us to protect the commitment of building arcologies from the inside out first.  We must protect arcologies from being usurped for financial gain.  Plan 777 is designed to protect the Global Well-Being vision, and protect “we the people” who catch the vision.  If a big corporation gets the idea that they will build an arcology for us and then charge us rent to live there, they will continue to impose in the capitalist system on us. We will never have the opportunity to meet human needs on a deeper level and never experience the simplicity of the gift economy.

The Global Well-Being Vision

Gandhi stated that "Poverty is the cruelest form of violence." In so few words, Gandhi pointed out that one man's poverty is a result of the activity or inactivity of another. Allowing poverty to continue is a conscious choice we all make every day. “But what can I do?” we ask ourselves, “I’m just one person.  I’m barely staying afloat myself!”

The answer is simple: We must unite into the largest, most powerful global family that the planet has ever known. It’s true, we can’t do it alone, but we most certainly can solve world hunger together. We must expand our connection with God and mankind to gather and unite as humanitarians who will not tolerate poverty and inequality. No more can we continue to be a self-satisfying, self-focused people living a lifestyle that creates the mounting problems of poverty that require endless social programs around the world. We must reach for the next level up from free enterprise to create a lifestyle based upon inter-dependence and cooperation. If we capitalists suppose ourselves to be successful while our "neighbors" in other neighborhoods or other in other countries go without their basic needs, we have a goal that is far different than the One we say we trust on the very currency we worship. We must set higher goals that include the well-being of every being on earth, not just our own.

Aren’t you sick of hearing that poverty is an incurable disease?  Aren’t you sick of being told that there is nothing we can do?  Why are we taught to quit before we even try?  What if we designed a “Trump Tower” for planetary well-being instead of the greatest possible profits? With self-sustaining indoor green houses that produced enough food, water, energy and shelter for everyone within a 50 mile radius, we could build this self-contained tower in the poorest places in the world and put an end to poverty all at once.  In areas of extreme poverty, an arcology will have to have a fully staffed hospital and rehabilitation center just to bring the population to a zero point. They can’t be expected to “carry their own weight” for a very long time due to the physical set-backs they have experienced due to lack of basic needs. In light of this compassionate understanding, arcologies that are built in areas of extreme poverty would require more people living and supporting the arcology hospital. Perhaps 10 or 20 arcologies in close proximity will produce enough of everything needed.

The bible speaks of a time when “every tear will be wiped from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”  I believe this prophecy is talking about the new economy that is emerging as the capitalist economy crumbles.  We are the generation of well-being that has been prepared to inherit the earth and lead the earth into world peace, abundance for all and a restored planet.

We believe that all of the experts that we need to pull this project together would give freely of their time and talents to make these towers happen once their own needs were met by living in one of our arcologies.  I believe that all that materials we need would be freely given, the construction workers and contractors, the medical and dental professionals, any and all that is needed would be given freely to help our malnourished brothers and sisters around the world heal and reach their fullest human potential.


What is an arcology?

An arcology is like Noah’s ark, self-contained and self-sustaining, designed for the survival of a certain number of people, however the members of this ark are focused on producing more than enough to replicate new arcologies in impoverished places of the world.

We plan to create an environment of well-being for those who live in the “ark” protecting families from the negativity of the world while positively influencing the world at the same time. We hope to prove that individuals who live in such an environment will rise to their greatest productivity, creativity and human development no matter who they are or where they come from.

Plan 777 will carefully balance all seven elements of well-being at the same time, moving way beyond mere survival to focusing on the needs of others.

Elements included in an environment of well-being:

  1. Survival – Financial Well-Being – The Economic System
  2. Body – Physical Well-Being – The Health Care System
  3. Mind – Career Well-Being – The Education System
  4. Spirit – Emotional Well-Being – The Religious System
  5. Family – Social Well-Being – The Workforce
  6. Community – Community Well-Being – The Environment
  7. Humanity – Global Well-Being – Extreme Poverty

7 Steps to develop an environment of well-being long before building the arcology:

Step 1: Define Core Values – unifying through common concerns
Step 2: Define Global Concerns – narrowing our focus to reach 7 objectives below
Step 3: The Screen – asking questions that all arcology projects must keep in mind
Step 4: The Energy Scale – elevating to higher levels of consciousness
Step 5: Establish Hubs – gathering in small local groups for workshops
Step 6: Create Co-ops – creating a decentralized economy within the hub
Step 7: Design Arcologies – gathering inventors, innovators and investors

7 Objectives that create an environment of well-being in each arcology:

  1. Stabilize Basic Needs
  2. Improve Self Care Habits
  3. Develop Life Purpose
  4. Expand Connection with God
  5. Unify Family Relationships
  6. Protect Resources
  7. Heal Humanity

Plan 777 offers innovative educational programs to help members and potential members to apply each core value to their daily lives, building from the inside out first through workshops and think tanks. We must change our thinking before we can attempt to change the world. We must first understand well-being and how to get it before we can achieve Global Well-Being in our lifetime. Each of the seven steps and their objectives are described in the book Arcologies of Well-Being

The truth is becoming clear that the planet connects us into one organism and when one child starves on the other side of the globe it impacts our well-being here at home, because the condition and safety of our global family sends ripples of energy to all of us. As we learn more about the law of attraction, we can gather to set our priorities and our group intention to solve poverty right now.  Nothing is impossible when people work together for the common good.


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