David R Hawkins, MD

David Hawkins, MD
Author of Power vs Force

Oprah Winfrey Interview with David Hawkins

David explains his map of consciousness:

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David R Hawkins researched and gave a measurement for specific kinds of stimuli. The stimuli could be anything from a word to a song to a piece of fruit to an argument.

His research demonstrated that when a stimuli registered below 200 by his measurements it would cause a person's muscles to be weakened.

Anything above 200 would cause a person's muscles to be strengthened.

Positive created positive and negative created more negative.

We used this ground-breaking research to create simplified visual aid that illustrates the impact this concept has on our lives and on our planet using the polar opposites of world war and world peace.  With a visual center point of zero, we placed "survival" as the neutral point on Well-Being Rocks, doing no harm, but doing no good. Any emotions, attitudes or world views that dip below 200 on Hawkins' Map of Consciousness have been placed below zero on the rocks