Conquer Stress

SYMPTOMS of Stress

Stress activates the Sympathetic Nervous System, contributing to illness and disease and countless symptoms in body, mind and spirit.

1-Identifying the symptoms is a first step.

2-Next identify the sources of stress.

3-Finally choose the method of relief for each source.

SOURCES of Stress

Sources of stress to the body may include diet, lack of exercise and lack of rest.

Sources of stress to the mind may include a lack of organization, a lack of knowledge or an inner conflict.

Sources of stress to the spirit may include relationship conflicts, lack of faith or lack of patience.

RELIEF of Stress

Stress Relievers activate the parasympathetic nervous system deactivates the sympathetic nervous system. The two can not work simultaneously. If we can stimulate calming, anti-stress hormones, we can stop the production of harmful stress hormones.


Print each worksheet to help identify, address and relieve each source of stress in your life.