The rocks correspond with the seven energy centers of the body. When you climb above zero each energy center flows with power.  When you sink below zero, illness, sickness, personality problems and relationship issues arise.

energy centers

  • Above zero we have colors of the rainbow.
  • When these energy centers are flowing freely, a person is healthy and colorful.
  • Red is centered on survival.
  • Orange is the immune system center.
  • Yellow focuses on ideas and learning.
  • Green is the higher self of the heart.
  • Blue is communication with your voice.
  • Indigo is expanding vision, imagination and intuition.
  • Violet is reaching towards the greater good.
  • The high-lighted words on the rocks correspond to the colors of the energy centers of the body.
  • energy centers blockedThe body has seven energy centers.
  • When the energy centers are blocked they manifest energy below zero.  
  • Cob webs of grey block the colorful energy flow.
  • Our first job is to clear out the cobwebs and get the colors flowing.



Close your eyes and assess from head to toe.  

Are your seven energy centers flowing

or are one or two blocked?

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